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SGP360 LLC is a national recruiting firm that is solely dedicated to assisting mortgage professionals connect and align for long term, dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships. Strategic in approach to both clients and candidates we are the catalyst to bring Growth to the right markets, at the right time and impact our Partners business and lives in 360 degrees.

Strategic: We use every resource available to source top tier candidates. We carefully select only clients with proven leadership and a rock solid value proposition. We rely on our strong relationships built over time with integrity to make high impact placements.

Growth: The fundamental reason we exist is to help grow our client’s market share and contribute positively to their reputation. We leverage and promote our client’s business model, leadership and value proposition, becoming their voice in the market.

Partners: Our philosophy is that mutual respect, trust and collaboration establishes long-term beneficial relationships with both clients and candidates. We are dedicated to provide the highest level of service to our clients and know that placing quality individuals in the right market at the right time creates immediate and sustainable synergy.

If you are interested in being considered for one of our searches or are looking to hire talented professionals, allow our circle of influence to connect with and impact yours.

SGP360 is your Strategic Growth Partner.

Chris Meyer Managing Partner,
Chris Meyer

An Executive Recruiter with over 30 years experience, Chris has recruited for notable investment firms such as John Hancock Company Investment Group in Anchorage Alaska to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage nationwide. He relocated to Phoenix in 1982 to start his own marketing business, resulting in two decades of business based recruiting within the Distribution Technology industry. After earning a BFA degree from Arizona State University in 1985, Chris subsequently taught e-commerce, marketing and business development seminars for local leaders in the Phoenix market.

Partnering with a colleague in 2002, Chris helped build a recruiting company with a Mortgage Banking specialty, delivering highly personalized results recruiting exclusively for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage nationwide. After successfully opening multiple states on both coasts, he focused in his efforts in Arizona, Southern California and Nevada. Chris transitioned in excess of $800 million annually in branch acquisitions, with top performers in the retail, builder & emerging markets divisions for WFHM. At the end of 4Q 2008, Chris was one of the last external recruiters actively working with WFHM as they completed the Wachovia acquisition, temporarily ending their need for additional production and growth.

April of 2009 - December 2012, Chris was with a small Texas based recruiting firm as Managing Director and contributed immediately to the company’s client base. Over the next 3 years and 8 months he placed executives, transitioned in excess of 3 billion of existing retail mortgage production, sourced acquisition targets as well as adding 9 new retained and contingent clients to the roster. His results required a client centric team approach – a massive effort on behalf of literally 100’s of quality mortgage professionals at every level within corporate America – leaders with the vision to see what is possible and capitalize on change.

01.01.2014 –

2013 year in review ~

Strategic Growth Partners 360 LLC just celebrated its first year as a business entity on 01.01.2014 – and a very impactful year it was. Chris Meyer, Managing Partner of SGP360 shared that 28 companies reached out to him throughout 2013, all looking for the same thing… mortgage professionals that could add value and volume in growth markets. Chris said that as he evaluated potential clients he was able to identify upwards of a dozen of the best platforms in the industry... companies that had the right combination of Leadership, Integrity, Culture, Product, Pricing & Operations and all with the dedication and resources to grow and support new hires. With that fully engaged commitment, SGP360 was capable of transitioning to its client base a leadership component and production teams representing just under 2B of retail production and put in place the foundation for upwards of 3B in wholesale and allocated Mini C.

Further adding to SGP360's value proposition in 2013, 3 recruiters joined SGP360. Each contributing immediate value, bringing a unique communication style and many years of recruiting competency to the SGP360 team that will ultimately impact our candidates and clients.

With SGP360's full circle client selection, i.e.; banks and mortgage bankers, consumer direct and pure play retail platforms, companies with both wholesale and retail, representing Retail A and B branch models, SGP360 looks forward to assisting mortgage professionals find a more productive reality in 2014.

Kent Montavon Senior Recruiter,
Kent Montavon

Bringing ~30 years of recruiting to the SGP360 team

Having recruited in multiple sales organizations for three decades, Kent stepped into the mortgage banking niche in 2004. Over the next decade he worked as an internal recruiter for one company at a time starting with a small broker shop, a mid size regional platform, a mid size national platform where he helped build a ~500 million dollar region, and finally for a large national mortgage banking platform. It was while in this position that Kent hired a dozen external recruiting companies to recruit for his company, including SGP360.

In the last decade Kent has helped hundreds of top performing loan officers, branch, area & regional managers find better places to work and has assisted his clients to capitalize on change.

When Kent decided to move away from representing one company, his industry background and experience was a match for SGP360's vision making them his choice due to their business model and the solid reputation they were building in the mortgage industry.

Kent made this move in the third quarter of 2013 and said it has been like coming home. By taking the approach of having multiple top tier clients for his candidates to evaluate as they contemplate a move, his candidates are better able to find the best company for their particular needs, for both short and long term.

In the turbulent times of the mortgage business, that is the “new era of lending”, Kent chooses to focus on bringing his candidates to the best platforms the industry has to offer. These are SGP360 clients that have been extensively vetted in order to maneuver through the compliance issues and the turbulent times of the industry today and who have a track record of operational excellence for their professional originators.

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